Kinetic media allows designers to add motion, scale change, sequence, metamorphosis, and context (mood) to typographic, image-based, and/or audio-centric communication. Motion design is not simply the art of making things move, but the practice of making a message easier to access, easier to understand, and/or more interesting to view by enhancing visual form, meaning, and communication.

Forcing myself to get back to my fine art roots manifested into this. The beatbox came first, then I created the beat, then I painted how I visualized the beat (actual paint on canvas then vectorized), then I created the motion graphic. I then recorded my memoji beatboxing and revealed what goes on in my head. It was complete until my son said, "...and now you're going to show the beat going back into your head?" in which I replied, "great idea!"

Type in motion used in a motion design course I developed to demonstrate a specific concept.

Brand ident designed to showcase the rolling nature of the Flat Out ballet flats.

Informational motion graphic that diplays on vending machines that dispense Flat Out ballet flats.

I used the lack of video for the first 50 seconds to create a fun animation using kinetic type. Once I finished the 50 seconds I felt compelled to finish the entire video. Very impromptu and fun, just like the moment at our wedding reception.