Kinetic media allows designers to add motion, scale change, sequence, metamorphosis, and context (mood) to typographic, image-based, and/or audio-centric communication. Motion design is not simply the art of making things move, but the practice of making a message easier to access, easier to understand, and/or more interesting to view by enhancing visual form, meaning, and communication.

Type in motion used in a motion design course I developed to demonstrate a specific concept.

Brand ident designed to showcase the rolling nature of the Flat Out ballet flats.

Informational motion graphic that diplays on vending machines that dispense Flat Out ballet flats.

I used the lack of video for the first 50 seconds to create a fun animation using kinetic type. Once I finished the 50 seconds I felt compelled to finish the entire video. Very impromptu and fun, just like the moment at our wedding reception.