GRA 1111
Principles of Graphic Design
Florida A&M University

This course is intended to give students the basic understanding of Graphic Communication and set them on a path to becoming a successful Graphic Communicator. This is an introductory course that covers the broad scope of graphic communication and an overall view of the graphic design field. Students will gain an understanding of how design elements and principals work together to create effective communications, which is the core of what graphic designers need to know. This course explains design fundamentals and how they work in the context of the design industry.

While this is primarily a lecture-based course scored with three major exams, various exercises are assigned to help reiterate lecture topics. A research paper is assigned as a project where students are given research guidelines and a scenario that a client is thinking about hiring them as their primary design partner to help launch a new product. The students have to develop a plan/proposal to be presented to the client.

GRA 1111 final project example
GRA 1111 final project example