In addition to teaching classes, I have developed numerous courses that I and others have taught. Developing courses plays to my creative yet pragmatic sensibilities. It also forces me to think about a specific subject or skill from a student's perspective.

Below are some courses that I have developed. Please contact me if there is a course that you would like to see more in depth.

Principles of Design
Florida A&M University & Digital Media Arts College

Motion Design, Time-Based Design, and Typographic Design Lab 3
Florida A&M University, Digital Media Arts College, & Florida Atlantic University
Motion design/kinetic type using Adobe After Effects

CGD 2095
Interactive Interface Design (Online)
Digital Media Arts College
Interface design using Adobe Animate

CGD 6015
Design Management (Online)
Digital Media Arts College
Skills needed for a designer to become a self-employed design professional

WD 6070
Advanced Web Technology (Online)
Digital Media Arts College
How to build WordPress themes from scratch

WD 6080
Web Applications (Online)
Digital Media Arts College
Mobile-first application layout and design

GRA 4521
Interactive Design Lab I
Florida Atlantic University
Introductory Web Design and Development

GRA 1433
Basic Design & Web Applications
Florida A&M University
Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Flash, and Dreamweaver

GRA 3102
Communication and Usability
Florida A&M University
Designing and testing interactive applications